Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Any Antichrist Will Do

Bloodying Justice’s Nose

In the search for hope don’t look to the just-a-system, look to conservative talk right here. While parolees were escaping into jail, women were trading girls for coke, killers were sentenced to live in CA, MD, and given a reprieve TX, and the finest minds in the information technology industry were sentenced to wasting their considerable talents preventing crimes that could be virtually eliminated if only our political leaders were wise. But where there’s life there’s hope.

War by Other Means

If you believe in ghosts, we had another message from beyond the grave this week. And while we await the word on prosecution of Afghan freedom fighters, and a Korean war ship appears to have fallen off the edge of the planet, the Indian military works to bring the Bhut Jolokia chili pepper mainstream! Meanwhile the US military is told “don’t ask don’t tell, don’t seek don’t smell” and Anti-Zionist Tyrants rant.

Every Dog Has His Day

Reviving the economies of the western democracies, and avoiding the feared economic collapse may resemble the hopeless act of mouth to mouth on a long dead ‘possum, some have put their hopes in legalizing dope dealers. But in Humboldt, (where both organization complete thoughts are at a premium), the stoners no longer want to play dead, and a pack of camels might get you busted!

Anti-Christ in Name Only

Is Barry Ho a closet Moslem, or worse, is he a closet Antichrist? Well, the Antichrist part is certainly out of the closet, and as for the Moslem part…well, it appears his religious devotion to secular humanism, statism, stone Marxism, totalitarianism and self worship makes it a moot point. And the killing fields that produced him are also producing a bumper crop of low life domestic terrorists, domestic violence, and road rage. But like we said, where there’s life there’s hope, and most everyone we know still likes babies, (that’s most everyone…)

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