Conservative Talk: Hippie Specters

Are you telling me I’m the only one who noted the “Obama Rocks” button on Specter’s lapel when he sat for his mugshot, of course he’s a Democrat! -Duh….

Oh, you mean Arlen Specter, I thought you meant Phil….my mistake, but you understand I’m sure. I mean yes, Phil did kill that one girl. But Arlen’s made a career out of killing, (and the Republican Party is just another victim in a long line of hapless marks). Weep for the just-a-system this lawyer helped to defile and murder… You do remember that it was lawyer Arlen Specter who helped secure the liberty of one Ira Einhorn, co-inventor of Earth Day, and owner of one steamer trunk containing the decomposing remains of Miss Holly Maddox, his once amorous interest. Phil could take lessons from this Specter.

And your host gets nostalgic for the good old days when cops dispatched hippies in an appropriate manner, and went home for a cold one!

Yes Kent State was ablaze this week past as students pursued their major at university, which is in a word perversity. Drunkenness, fornication and the exchange fluids tainted with both bacteria and virus’ was the order of the day. Talk about the need for a quarantine! I’ve heard of the “Home School” movement, but is there a “Home College” movement yet?

As the peace of Americas metropoli are shattered by the violence we’ve been told we must tolerate in the name of “the greatest justice system in the world” we chronicle the
“transfer and multiply” syndrome

When the governing officials tolerate murder and violence by keeping alive those who should be killed for thier capital crimes the effect is that the just violence withheld from the criminal is redirected upon the innocent, and multiplied in it’s intensity. You’ll hear it every week on the Worldview, and it’s maddenning to witness.

And did you know that the key to living the Christian life is summed up in a single verse? Find out which one by listening to this weeks show!

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