Divide & Conquer

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host mark the signposts on the road to Heaven or Hell.

You’ll hear hysterical coward Kent “schlepkowitz” Sepkowitz at CNN accuse normal Americans of wanting to kill people, about the doctors suing the bureaucrats to stop with the phony-baloney emergency, how NFL coach Rick Dennison lost his gig, and how even old hippies like Eric Clapton recognize unjust discrimination when they see it.

The Tokyo Olympic “COVID Bubble” might have collapsed, but notice how the games go on? Real life appears to be trumping ginned up hysteria…

The people of Michigan have freed themselves from the clutches of chief hysteric Gretchen Whitmer the same week Sweden’s pandemic response is vindicated by reality.

In California another Death Row inmate, (who murdered Robin Samsoe in 1979) has died of natural causes, and is meeting God as we speak. While in St Louis prosecutor Kimberly M. Gardner (responsible for persecuting the McClosky’s) couldn’t find time to prosecute accused murderer Brandon Campbell.

In Chicago the cops are about to be outnumbered 10 to 1 by the gangsters, South Africa is descending into an abyss America may not avoid, and in Oregon 8th graders are siding with their abusers in the government schools & against fired educators Rachel Damiano, & Katie Medar (& the “I Resolve Movement” seeking to rescue them).

Apparently telling a coach that if he even looks like he might be praying, he’ll be fired does not violate his God given right to religious freedom. Louis Sockalexis’ Native American baseball heritage is to be erased, (along with the Cleveland Indians). And in San Francisco the bums are engaged in a tech race with trash can designers and guilty liberal overlords.

All that plus; the biggest ransomware attack to date, (that no one seemed to talk about), Rand Paul’s nostalgic nod to justice and reason with his criminal referral of Anthony Fauci, and trying to get a cowardly liberal to state an opinion in public.



Safer at Home

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as her and her host as they explore reality together, from a uniquely eternal, and sometimes hilarious point of view.

Find out what the Just-a-System deals teenage kids who murder an innocent man for a joyride, what CDC Director and chief hysteric Rochelle Walensky thinks of door to door vax troopers vis-a-vis hand to hand combat, what the male Stewardesses might be wearing on your next JetBlue flight, and just how long the pathology of Critical Race Theory in the government has been going on.

The FBI apparently couldn’t capture a molester for months or more, even as he was molesting. The Fascist Dictatorship of Canada may turn out the America’s (and Christianity’s) greatest existential threat. One Sheriff in Los Angeles has discovered his testicles, (for the moment). And there have been at least half a million adverse events, an quite possibly fifty-thousand plus deaths resulting from the experimental COVID-19 “vaccine”, (which is being offered free by the way, by the government).

The Chicago public schools want to molest 5th graders, while the leadership of the EU wants to molest the rest. And a psychotic psychologist named Maura Priest is publishing her opinion that parents should be prevented from interfering with the “trans-ing” of their children. And she is professing advocacy for such criminal behavior in order to become some sort of “professor”.

The end of Western Medicine continues via “chest-feeding“.

The Hide-Embarrass administration is hiring red Chinese spies at the NSA, their Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is a naked Marxist, looters beat even the Taliban to the abandoned Bagram Air base in Afghanistan, and all this while Cubans march in the streets with American flags crying out for freedom.

Look to the violent end of South Africa to see where Critical Race Governance leads.

And reason number 1025, (the teacher who claimed to have a constitutional right to molest students), and reason # 1206, (The American Federation of Teachers lawyering-up against parent), that have led to the precipitous drop in enrollments over at the government school monster machine.

All that and a Karate chop, right her at the Weekly Worldview.




Sleeping Giant

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host poke America’s giant, sleeping populace with the truth about what’s going on around here.

You’ll hear about lesbian child killers, lawyers with a soft spot for child rapists, Britney Spears’ incompetence, and several states who want to try and draw the line on trans-mania.

The emptiness of the Oval Office has hackers and hostage takers salivating, Elon Musk is an agent of the Chinese Communist Party, Independence Day was a bloodbath in Chicago, and the patriarchy continues to limp forward despite the savages best attempt to kill it.

Planned Parenthood has been molesting kids at school again, while “abortion doulas” are working to make child murder just like any other “outcome” of a pregnancy. And to add insult to Injury the American Attorney General has suspended the death penalty of these creeps so richly deserve.

A soldier who killed a Black Lives Matter terrorist in Austin Texas has been charged with murder, while

Black Lives Matter Terrorists are emboldened to take politicians hostage and make demands!

There are 200,000 Indian troops massed along the border with China, but ask the average Englishman what the greatest threat to world peace is, and he’ll tell you…. it’s ALIENS!!!!

Now the majority of the children fed into the government school machine have a negative view of liberty, the founders of Critical Race Theory have been bragging about their success in the government schools since the Obama administration, and most parents have slept right through it.

The Hungarians at least want to stop the sodomy of their children, while the Ante-fascists in Canada are now just fascist.

All that and signs of the end of civilization, like gender identity and birth sex at the doctors office!