Reality Bzar

America’s most attractive audio engineer brings her host’s multi-cultural voices to bear on the truth, the lies, and a reality gone distinctively bizarre.

Hear how defiant Italian restaurants are reopening in Italy, why the current emergency might not be enough, and which homo sends a presidential shiver up some RE-publicans legs.

Hunter Biden is laying low while living quite high on the Chinese-born hog, Country music’s gone gayer than when Garth Brooks went that way back in the ’90s, and CNN, (the only network allowed to reference Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick) admits there just isn’t any evidence the officer was murdered in the January 6th dust-up on Capitol Hill.

The open season on police, (fostered by the Nobel Peace Prize rioters at Black Lives Matter) continues with officers down in North Carolina and New Mexico, Alexandria Ocosio Cortez insists upon her own “harrowing” reality, and the Hide Embarrass administrations spokes-smirking, pneumocephalic Jen Psaki will never get over the mask!

The Ruling Left/CCP managed to shore up Liz Cheney atop the pile of emptiness that was the RE-publican Party, Americans getting their news from their gaming feed may not know when to breathe and when to quit, and the precipitous drop in COVID diagnoses since January 20th proves once again that the experts knew what they were doing all along.

Listen in to hear how the Marxist take down of America is a story as old as Machiavelli & Sparta, where the term “gaslighting” came from, and how to make a small fortune in politics!

Our nominee for King of the world this week is Mario Perez of the Honduran legislature, who carried the idea that every innocent person deserves to live into law.

All that and the kind of election fraud that leads to 3rd world coups, America’s Blinken Secretary of State, what not to do if your nephew gets strep, mesmerizing, a dog that snores while he’s wide awake, and the Super Bowl prediction that nobody cared about.





Robbing the End of the World

Join America’s most attractive audio and her host for tales of Alchemy, common trust, common sense, robbery and the end of the world.

We’ll ask about Mitch McConnell’s financial ties with the Chinese Communist Party via his wife Elaine, the execution of a Chinese asset manager, and Hunter Biden’s brazen refusal to divest himself of his Chinese equities. And we won’t get an answer as the criminal gang who seized power in 2020 is unaccountable for the moment…

We will wonder aloud why Beyonce’s murdered cousin deserves to have his name in the news while the name of a Polish man (incapacitated by a heart attack, and then slowly murdered by starvation and thirst for thirteen days by his wife, the European Court of Human Rights and the National Health Service of the formerly Great Britain) is verboten!

We’ll look in on the celebration over at Ms Magazine over the murder of sixty-five million innocent American children, the Ames, Iowa school district’s week of queering the student body, and the epidemic of murder suicide tearing apart the fabric of our Domestic Tranquility.

Find out why the open season on law enforcement reveals the rot of both the Insurrection and the urinalists reporting on it.

Hear about the latest sworn testimony, (of doctors about their factual, actual treatment of patients) “disappeared” by the Big Tech Ministry of Truth, Anthony Fauci, the highest paid perjurer in the federal bureaucracy, and whether or not the experts agree that wearing four masks is better than two!

All this, along with how to spot a “Face-Shield”, the humor of author Charles Mackay, Early retirement with COVID Hysteria Syndrome, fear and loathing at the hardware store, and who you can trust with all your information, (even the bad stuff).




Your host joins America’s most attractive audio engineer in a sometimes sober and oft hilarious look at the current state of affairs.

You’ll hear about the lawsuits and threat letters that may yield evidence as to whether or not Dominion Voting is corrupt, or Sydney Powell is insane.

Hat tip to Tucker Carlson for cogently addressing the Ruling Left’s coming war on domestic “terrorists” (like you and me), prayers for Taiwan as Biden the Red goes silent on Chinese aggression, and to hell with the ACLU, (HRC, and the NEA) for more transgender propaganda in the government schools.

More Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” erasures of history were exercised by the Washington Post on Kamala Harris’s strange and embarrassing public record, the chief “historian” of Texas is lying about the history of the Alamo, and Twitter suspended a few token ANTIFA sites to “balance” the many throttled or disappeared on the Right.

That’s the same Twitter alleged to have let child abuse videos circulate despite the requests of the victim and his family, (and eventually law enforcement) to take them down.

America’s government schools continue to suffer epidemic levels of suicide.

We ask why President Trump neglected to classify the Chinese Communist Party as a Trans-National Criminal Organization, but did make time to pardon Lil Wayne…

We unpack the good, the bad and the ugly facts around the National Guard being exiled to a parking garage, the COVID hysteria concentration camps in Germany, the COVID hysteria, hysteria from Neil Ferguson & Boris Johnson in

England, and the strange cases of false positives among PCR tests for the Novel Coronavirus worldwide.

Finally we check in with a hodgepodge of new age weirdos who assert the free agency and personhood of water, but will not confess the humanity of an unborn little girl.

All that and the insurrection that did not take place in every capital in America, Charles Mackay’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions, and the Madness of Crowds”, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the falling I.Q. of our devolving race, and what the term normal really means.