Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: Devangelical

Two shows this week folks! Because our evangelical pastors and leaders (and by extension the government and all of us) have tolerated Hefner, Madonna and Britney and their slutty ilk, a new idol has arisen to take our culture, (and your kids)  to the rim of hell, (and oddly enough his name is Adam).

This topping off a week in which the first mayor in my lifetime to speak the truth to queer power apologized for it faster than James Dobson after a RE-publican fund-raiser, and the sports world was rocked by the suicide of one of their own beautiful people. And domestic tranquility suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous tolerance from OK to NJ, from CO to CA. from FL to IN, and of course then back to the fountainhead of our national blood-bath, ole Chicago.

And then there’s Lance Ito and Jackie Chiles rearing their ugly countenance in the direction of the crumbling edifice that once was American justice. Please…, boys, haven’t you done enough! Since your masterpiece was completed in OJ we find it virtually impossible to distinguish between justice, tragedy, or comedy, but we are left with that sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs…., at least those among us who’ve not suspended our common sense and conscience).

But where there’s life there’s hope, and where the Weekly Worldview is allowed to go out all is not lost! So give a listen to the second hour below…

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