Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Surrounded


Public health and government school officials, (known affectionately as the “student council”) are seeking new and interesting ways to imprison parents, while promoting rave parties amongst their captive government school audience. And all this while venereal diseases are climbing amongst the Viagra popping set. And even the perverts can’t read! Is it any wonder the transgendered and the Moslems are filling the spiritual void in post-Christian government “educated” America? But worry not! At least the price your children’s and grand-parent’s dope is coming down!


After an historic socialist bum rush over the already dying body of American health care the Democrats may lose the House, and even the Senate, but losing may not stop their more perfect socialist union courtesy of a once unthinkable “Lame Duck” strategy. Not all that surprising that in a culture that swallows the absurd idea of evolutionary “science” the lame ducks might end up walking all over you. Meanwhile Barry Ho and his Obama administration continue to mount a significant challenge to God’s resilient ecosystem, while their minions build monuments to perversity. And the Climate scandal is ostensibly put to bed as the ICC, the CRU, and East Anglia U declare one another above the crude reproach of the “deniers”.


A serial killer is finally hoist by the petard of his progeny’s DNA , leading thinking people to call for a national DNA database of every citizen and visitor, now! But instead our daughters and son’s are caught in an enveloping maneuver led by molesters, lawyers and judges; and tolerated by a church and culture that has squandered all but the dregs of any moral capital we might have had. And then there are the shootings, hostage takings, more shootings, and child killings that make up day to day life in post-Christian America. And as for the rest of the world? Well it’s down the toilet as well.


Our dear leaders at the UN again prostrate themselves before the bloody dictators of North Korea and China while simultaneously offending the sensibilities of anyone paying any attention to anything at all. They continue their call for unsanctions and unsecurity while the smart money is on the un-making of Isfahan, Bushehr, Arak, Qom & Natanz via  preemptive strike . Meanwhile Barry Ho and his fellow travelers become embedded in the security infrastructure of the nation, not unlike the viruses they claim to fear.

And then there’s the single goal after 115 minutes of euro-thrilling footsy at the World Cup… but our opinion of soccer is another story. Give a listen, you will not be displeased….

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