Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: Tales From a Foreign Land

A few executions of duly convicted capital offenders helped to soften the blow of the Peoples’ Congress this week, but were no match for the cultural bludgeoning of all things American that took place under the watchful eye of (the politically “dead man walking”), Chris Dodd. As I watched the US Senate drop the gavel on communizing health care… well, I can recall two other occasions upon which I felt a similar sick sinking feeling in my gut: October 3, 1995, the day OJ was acquitted, and September 11, 2001 when the first tower collapsed. I can still taste it, and it is bitter.

Meanwhile Personhood supporters have shocked pro-abortion collaborators at the ACLU by unabashedly calling for an end to the murder of all innocent people. ACLU and Planned Parenthood lawyers had become accustomed to wheeling and dealing with the pro-life industry about which innocents could be killed, and by which means. The ACLU and PLanned Parenthood and are still trying to digest this shocking late development. Let us hope that Barry-Ho and his ilk don’t hire the same ACLU lawyers to one day follow the lead of Iran’s Ayatollahs when it comes to dealing with such dissidents.

Speaking of Iran, Barry Ho (President Barack Obama) the IAEA, & the UN graciously gave them time to reject the latest Faustian bargain regarding the bomb the Islamists are building for Tel-Aviv. But Barry is taking all the time he needs to undermine troop morale in Afghanistan. And all the while he’s warning us to our faces that he’s on the verge of accomplishing his goals regarding our formerly free market economy and the intel our enemies so desperately covet.

The Colorado government has officially proposed taxing dope dealers. So it would appear that the Rastafarians (and Khadafi’s) religions expand while the West’s’s pop-culture religion fades. But on an uplifting note, we can all look forward to the day we can once again maintain justice for the innocent and turn our efforts toward other good works. These tales and others are featured in the broadcast this week, (which went a little long), I hope you can forgive me.

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