That’s Entertainment!

Listen as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host provide your weekly alternative to entertainment.

Hear how the Daily Wire plans to fight Disney’s criminally insane behavior, why college students are scared to take off the masks, why some 4th grade teachers , upon due conviction, need to be executed, and just what prominent politicians are desperate to keep hidden.

We’ll check in on Madison Cawthorn’s credible allegations against his colleagues in D.C., (and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s telling response).

Hear Volodymyr Zelensky’s defense of all things Soros, The Oregon Medical Board on who they want to kill next, and how the theft of the 2020 election has been proven beyond statistical question in what could be the last peer reviewed study ever!

By the way, the same Supreme Court Justices who would not hear the election fraud cases of the several states are falling all over each other to weigh in on the entertainment value, (and maybe even the legality) of an Andy Warhol painting of Prince!

The Director of the CIA is an operative of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Navy now rules the Pacific Ocean.

The Communist Chinese propaganda machine is enforcing it’s will via Tik Tok, tick-tock, tick-tock… as the countdown continues.

Scientists have announced that once again they’ve “de-coded” a part of the Human Genome and called it the whole thing! Kamala Harris is speaking a foreign language again while using English words, and the writings and career of  Miai Niguel Hoskins personifies being hit in the face with a cat!

All that and coughing on hysterical maskers, b-list Hollywood slaps, and the impending infliction upon us of even more Sarah Palin!



Rumors of Propaganda

Join the broadcast featuring America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host, cutting through the rumors, clearing out the propaganda and finding for you the Voice of America!

Look in on alleged trannies and genuine mind control out of Ukraine, hear how crime disappeared in San Francisco, and find out why Miami officials can’t make it stop no matter how they try.

The Chinese communists are nefariously hoarding food while strategically locking down, the apex of medical advancement in The West is being squandered on evil, and a half million human beings have been slaughtered in Ethiopia while only God was paid attention…

Austin ISD & hapless Texas AG Ken Paxton bring us reasons 1,943 & 44 to get your kids out of the deviant government schools, while New York public schools are thankfully hemorrhaging students!

And did you hear? The potential Russian cyber attack is easily as scary as the potential Russian chemical attack. And it was just as good for ratings, and might be just as frightening as that potential Russian attack on that nuclear reactor wasn’t.

A new Chinese communist organ emerged toeing the CCP line over at the V.O.A., leftist NY City mayor Eric Adams fired a pastor he’s appointed to a patronage job because she agreed in writing with the Apostle Paul, and Disney swerved “slightly lefter” and just a tad more gross with a movie kiss that should get someone arrested!

Meanwhile, no one from science, academia or law dares to define a woman in public, but one things for sure; the Army doesn’t want to see any of them embarrassed about their upper body strength in combat.

All that plus Attenborough sites the elusive Anime Dead Girl, the aesthetics of annunciation, a letter to your dentist, tipping made uncomfortable, and petty leftist tyrants out for blood!




Walk with America’s most attractive Audio Engineer as she and her host go in search of divine intervention against the rule of the hedonists.

The current cultural climate means that St. Mary’s of perpetual outrage can’t even crack a joke any more, “doctor” Robert Jeffress can’t figure out sovereignty, and America’s oligarchs have fallen behind the Russians in their capacity for banishment.

Disney is defending grooming even as their employees are arrested in the annual Florida pervert round up, English ministers find it unnecessary to define “woman”, and USA Today’s assortment of women of the year includes Rick Levine, a bureaucrat, a deviant, a man

Milo Yiannopoulos has renounced hedonism and will be defending the unborn, (and possibly cracking jokes for St. Mary’s), and America may have been destroyed by a stolen election, but it was a long time coming.

All that plus the sad decline of the feminine into dirty hair and dirty laundry a the Oriental market, and a plea for that divine intervention from Psalm 39.