Social Dis Ease

If you’ve not been bumped by America’s most attractive audio engineer, here’s your chance! Join her and her host as they unpack a weeks worth of insanity in the fastest streaming hour in all media.

You’ll hear analysis of the condor of RE-publican front runner Paul Ryan, the genuine terror of earthquakes all over the place, and how Barry Ho just might spill the beans that George W., Hillary & John Kerry kept in the bag all these years regarding the involvement of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attack.

But before he spills those beans Barry will break a few eggs by releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to… you guessed it… Saudi Arabia! Where they’ll experience a 12 step program of sorts for recovering jihadis.

We do our best to explain the inexplicable term “gender fluid”, why Zika virus might turn out to be just another venereal disease, and that despite their protestations to the contrary, the fact that jocks, circus acts and even the desperately lame & talentless all know deep down that boys and girls should have separate bathrooms!

Find out how your kid’s government school was designed to instill in him a particular religion, how sluts with V.D. are going public, and how the heathens are warming up to the latest God in their pantheon… Gonorrhea!

You’ll be pleased to hear how the concept of human personhood for all keeps coming up in the pop culture, despite the desperate efforts of the criminally insane to assert that unborn humans are not people.

And finally while Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg have not officially announced exactly what they’re looking for out there in space, we’re convinced that if it turns out to be a drug resistant  strain of mega space-syphilis, they will worship even that instead of God.