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It’s Just A Matter of Time Till We’re Asked to Weep for the Teenage Pirate

That’s right, turns out most pirates, (like most liberals), are victims of society, their parents, (or lack thereof), and an overly oppressive Christian, patriarchal, racist, sexist, Anglo-centric, free-market culture. But most of all they are victims of their own chains, from which only justice can free them. I say we give it to ’em! Don’t weep for Mogadishu, restore justice and both the pirates and the liberals will change their ways.

Meanwhile Our Friends In China…

Continue to apply crude, yet effective technologies and techniques to degrade America’s military defenses. At this point my money is on the men smuggling Bibles into China as our best means of escaping the Chinese threat. Our government and it’s intelligence apparatus are in total disrepair, so Christianizing China is among the seminal battles of the age, (along with Personhood and, … as always, Justice).  Let’s meditate upon these and pray daily for Cal Zastrow.

And Is Israel Preparing For An Attack On Persia?

Does anyone remember Cyrus, Darius, and Arexerxes? Too bad we can’s still be friends.While the rest of the west flinches at the mad mullahs, and their puppet maHAMoud aHAMedinejad, it’s up to Bibi and the Jews I suppose, but they’ll have to go it alone without the support of Barry H.O. They’ll need God on their side, along with laser guided bunker busters, and the element of surprise… Well, hopefully one out of three will be enough to complete the immediate job at hand.

Also…Hugo Chaves Impressed Barry H.O. With His Grip…

…And his abilities as a central planning administrator. ou can bet their conversations went long into the night….

Now that America has followed so much of the world into the socialist abyss, Hugo knows he deserves respect, in fact he demands it. And Barry gives it to him despite the fact that one must earn respect, and can never demand sincere respect. But then again Barry is unfamiliar with the concept of earning respect, or anything else. Perhaps to him respect is to be equally distributed along with everything else…

If Cap and Trade Passes, Will We Be Asked To Apply It To Gay Marriage?

You know, some states are going to be pairing off queers to beat the band, (like Colorado) while others will remain behind the curve, (like Mississippi). To ensure social justice for the homos it will be incumbent upon Mississippi to buy “homo-credits” from California; monies from which will be applied equally to lining the pockets of California politicians and building bathhouses in rural California towns.

And there’s also Miss America, Mel Gibson, and the son of Cain (you know…John McCain, and in this case, generally all the Republican strategists associated with the ’08 implosion) all ving to be the most embarrassing thing in America since disco.

But I can’t go into all that here, you’ll have to listen to the show…

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