Again With the Common Knowledge Show…

This show was hacked 2 weeks ago, so we’ve re-posted it…. America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host imbibe and impart what’s left of the common knowledge that might keep it all from coming apart at the seams.

We go to Queens New York where adultery ends in murder for Earth Day but everyone seems more interested in the killers immigration status, to Ukraine with the fearless fighters of the Legion, led by the tweets of Malcolm Nance, and to a Georgia courtroom where the show trial of Marjorie Taylor Greene sounds more like Dylan Thomas than The Fresh Prince of Independence Day…

Bill Maher’s joke about punching the maskers might leave some on the right refreshed, but we see just enough room at the end of the joke for the boot on your neck. And speaking of masks, a judge vacated the airplane mask mandate in a most vacuous way. and Ryan Cole, M.D., pathologist, wonders aloud what an experimental “vaccine” might mean for the long term health of the billions of the experiment’s subjects.

China is pursuing the Rehoboam/Xi strategy of COVID lock-down tyranny while if you want cheap, clean nuclear energy you’ll have to be able to afford a Rolls Royce!

All that and Google’s 20 year history of the universe, sports and entertainment, refunds to frightened travelers (and the bureaucrats who must pay for it), and Wikipedia’s latest foray into the not so brave, not so new world of historical revision regarding the crimes of Hunter Biden.