99 Cent Rant

Tune in America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for the full 9 yards.

Homeschooling quietly increased to almost one in five, monoclonal antibodies are as experimental and tainted as the vaccines, and Western Urinalists couldn’t care less about the truth coming out of the lock-down in Xi’an China.

Malingerers of the world unite! (for one more week off on the pandemic) alongside the TSA, COVID testing has become the equivalent of self-harm cutting rituals, and hear from Professor Ehud Qimron, a Jew in which there is no guile, (regarding the COVID propaganda).

Socialized medicine continues to kill the disabled, Ronald McDonald House is evicting children with cancer, and the Australian Open has devolved to an amateur propaganda exercise, having nothing to do with who’s the best at tennis.

The university’s Animal House is set to devolve to Sodomy House, “killing two birds with one stone” is almost as bad as uttering the word “nigger” in the context of a poem about true history, and check in with us on a couple of terminal adolescents at the LAPD are more interested in chasing Snorlax than burglars, (and we mean even when burglaries were illegal in Los Angeles)!

Baltimore’s “Pitbull” D.A. Marilyn Mosby turns out to be less of an ideologue, and more or less just a greedy crook, the Loudon County School Rapist was convicted and remains free, and reason 1,283 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools? The Satan club!

All that and the record club in the back of the magazine, economics, All Quiet on the Western Front, the confidence game and civilization in the balance…




False Positive

Listen in as America’s most popular audio engineer and her host recount how the confluence of celebrity, mass delusion, and mass psychosis have led almost all of us, to all this.

Visit the Mayo Clinic where COVID delusion means there are now 700 fewer people to make you well, Taiwan, where Apple is replacing Foxconn with Chinese slave labor, and anywhere USA to meet all the vaccinated people testing positive for the cold, (or what was once SARS CoV-2, or the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID 19, or delta, or Omicron).

Emmanuel Macron wants to get himself beat up, the CEO of OneAmerica Insurance, Scott Davidson and at least two other witnesses are witnessing an awful lot of dead people, and the suicide epidemic continues this week amongst the cops who had been busy saving others from suicide.

New York DA Alvin Bragg is busy doing the unjust bidding of his father Satan, (George Soros), while J.D. Vance patronizes the masses about how great they are, and how their lack of safety and security is someone else’s fault, and mothers and fathers are wickedly screening their offspring for the very right to live.

David Lee Roth has cut short his farewell tour for fear of embarrassment, Betty White was late for her 100th birthday, and Sinead O’Connor’s want’s to hold anyone else responsible for her 17 year old son’s suicide.

And in China the COVID tyranny is killing children in the most awful ways.

Find out the real reason Alec Baldwin won’t give his phone to the cops, how shacking up is cool with evangelicals if you’re Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle, what kind of fool got a vaccine for a disease he already caught, who on the Supreme Court gets her Coronavirus news exclusively from the Today Show, who’s the Ivy League Female Athlete of the Year, and why the pro-lifers are losing to ANTIFA.





Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for a revealing review of the news of the day through the lens of original thought.

Hear about another bloodbath Wednesday night on the town in Denver, why no one goes to the store without pondering their mortality these days, and how God is calling all of us to plan our escape!

Leftist author Amanda Mull can’t be sure she knows anything at all, (and she’d like to convince you of the same). Vermonters and other idiots are going to the E.R. because they’ve tested positive for the common cold, (omicron style), and the Chinese communists may be using the pandemic as a cover for mass murder.

The Hidembarrass administration is contracting for COVID graft out through 2024, Candace Owens won’t say much of anything Donald Trump needs to hear, and the aforementioned common cold has cancelled the Westminster Dog Show, and has the kids at U of P running for shelter, (in place).

Harry Reid got the death penalty he so richly deserved.

Adrian Owen might be called a doctor, and his work is important; but he’s not yet gotten on with the business of making all of us who’ve mistreated brain injured, “vegetative” patients, (whom he’s proven can often communicate) well again.

The experts just discovered something they didn’t know staring them right in, (and from) the face. J.K. Rowling has abandoned her common sense in pursuit of what we are not sure. And NASA is preparing for the inevitable collapse of Darwinian Evolution (and the other delusions it has contributed to) by hiring theologians for the inevitable revelation of ALIENS!

All that and the message of the Baby Jesus the world leaves out, the joys of oral surgery, & holiday demolition, and repair.