An Appeal to Madness

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host expose criminally insane politicians, the the delusional professors who educate them, the deranged reporters who cover them, and the crazies who elect them.

Discover which REpublican told Barack Obama what comes after a trillion, reason #1,216 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and why a man guilty of adultery deserves the death penalty just like one guilty of murder.

We’ll check in on Jeffrey Epstien’s hyoid, Ronan Farrow’s investigation and a credible threat of murder made by over a thousand climate “science” maniacs.

Find out what Planned Parenthood personnel do in between killings, how it could be that in America, circa 2019 people can be treated as property, and how (& when) the medical establishment moved “fertilization” from actual fertilization to fetal implantation to ameliorate their guilt over all those murdered children…

And while San Francisco goes to the emotional support dogs, the whole of California has been handed over to the shoplifters!

A jury gave a flamboyant homo a reward of $20M, one county in Michigan robbed a man of his property via their immoral property tax, and Lamar Odom found Jesus!

All that and a Catholic priest with standards, another theoretical physicist crossed over the line of absurdity, the Tammy Bruce process, physical labor, and reminiscence from Guatemala at the podcast below…


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