Assault & Abuse

America’s most attractive audio engineer guides her host through the news of the week like a mine detector through a minefield of the mind.

Go on a tour with the carnival barker’s shill, (the Right Reverend Franklin Graham) bamboozling the gullible evangelicals, to Atlanta for reason number 1212 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools, and to the basketball arena to witness the cowardice of the NBA, (and gain insight into just how China might conquer America).

We’ll look into the state of domestic tranquility through the lens a butchering in New York, and a slutty Islamist congresswoman from Somolia…

Find out what happens when the thin blue line tries to be nice, when a witness in the Amber Guyger trial tries to make a drug deal, and when a drug dealing doctor deals opiods that actually get people killed!

Turns out “puberty blocking” drugs are killing children, (in addition to all the other harm), Turkey is killing Kurds, and ISIS, and Christians, and three and a half million Syrian refugees are going to end up somewhere, (but not at Barack Obama’s house).

Hear NBC covered alien life that doesn’t exist, while covering up for rape and sexual misconduct that was all around!

Archaeologists have discovered an early draft of Manhattan, while California is going dim, and dimmer, and then even dimmer.

And finally, fly with Spirit airlines, where they say, “if the plane shows up, we’ll clean the vomit out for you!”

All this and Shep Smith (and other homos), and what to do when a skunk shows up.