Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host, who have seen the barbarians… and they are us.

Find out how WWIII drew Israel into Syria, how Vlad told the European Court of Human (Homosexualist) Rights to go to Hell, how there are already 100,000 Syrians among us, and how being a homo sex pervert can get you robbed and killed.

We call for the immediate execution, upon conviction, of one Ira Task, another homo sex pervert who raped a 6 year old!

The Islamic State took a step toward alignment with the governments of the Western Democracies when they legalized the killing of children with Down Syndrome.

Listen in to reason 1018-1020 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (writing the Shahada, singing Allahhu Akhbar, and censoring the Apostle Luke).

Get a load of another ignorant suicidal child (university professor) wearing a Hijab in solidarity with Mohammad’s religion of murder & rape, the Pope reminding Catholics that they don’t have buy salvation, and a Moslem Judge sworn in on a Koran (containing the aforementioned glorification of Mohammad’s various rapes and murders).

And of course there’s a Satanist who wants to pour blood on an image of the Virgin Mary in between marching for abortion, and churning out mailers in support of homosexual “marriage”.

They’re not just at the gates. They’re among us, and in too many cases they already RULE OVER US!