Weekly Bible Study Genesis the Fall Part IV

Studying in Genesis 4:16 – 6:22 well cover the worldly line of Cain, the dispensation of conscience, the Book of the Generations of Adam, Noah’s family, higher criticism, lower criticism, textual criticism, the nephilim, a lack of miracles from Creation to the Flood, God repents and changes, gopher wood, and Noah’s saving faith and action.

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Weekly Bible Study Genesis The Fall Part III

Join us this week in Genesis 3:20 – 4:15 as we examine Adam and eve’s fallen children, The Fall’s mechanism of action on man, God’s mechanism of redemption, What it was like when God clothed Adam and Eve with the skins of an animal, the essence of satanic deception, Cain and Abel, the mark on Cain, the Mark of the Beast, man’s attempt to rule over sin, and why god forbid the death penalty for Cain.

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Weekly Bible Study Genesis 3 The Fall Part II

This week we study Genesis Chapter 3:8-19 covering for sin (sin makes you stupid), God’s knowledge in the Garden, the grammar of masculine and feminine, righteous lies, sin, fear and shame, laying the groundwork for salvation, God’s immediate and deferred judgments against Satan, Adam and Eve, sin as a euphemism, and God changing the situation for the benefit of His friends.

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