Chronicles of the Decline of Sanity

America’s most extremely attractive audio engineer joins the host on an epic journey to the bounds of rationality as the news of the week reveals just how crazy things have become…

We do talk about a lawyer being punched, but that’s pretty much where the GOOD news ends!

China’s military is expanding at a rate that in another time would have sent Winston Churchill into the well of parliament sounding the alarm, Boko Haram continues to terrorize Nigeria, North Korea has thrown another American into prison, and Israeli officials are at their wits end with America’s negotiating Israel’s future with HAMAS!

Barry & Kerry (& Bergdahl) are psycho-analyzed and found wanting. The legend of Mohammed Fazl, (one of the five terrorists released by the Barry & Kerry show) proceeds him in the villages he destroyed for the Taliban in Afghanistan back in 1999. But John Kerry isn’t afraid to threaten Mohammed with the sacrifice of more American blood and treasure should he want to fight… now that he’s been released… Taliban leader Mohammed Fazl that is… released, just to be clear about that…

Meanwhile Richard Dawkins is railing against God and princes and frogs and the science of statistical probability as he laments the state of naturalism in the minds of the children he hopes to see sent on great adventures like the ones orchestrated by his forerunners; naturalists: Mao, Stalin, Hitler & Sanger.

Southern California may be rightly bracing for the next big earthquake, lawyers are filing lawsuits against those who fail to properly mitigate the effects of global cooling, warming, climate change, climate disruption, And researchers are using the genetic material from two women to try to cure diseases in embryonic human beings.

Kermit Gosnell’s son was shot several times, two 12 year old girls used their government school issued iPads to fill their minds with murder, a government school principle announced he’s a homosexual in front of the entire student body, (but don’t be alarmed… it was at the schools 2nd annual LGBT Pride event).

And the saga of the Colorado baker who refused to take the mark so that he could buy and sell continues; he has decided not to bake any wedding cakes at all! But the State and the Homo-Mafia may not be done with him yet.

And the only story more encouraging than that of gold dust flowing from a Montana family’s tap, was the tale of a father who beat the 42 year old school teacher who’d been texting his 15 year old daughter with a baseball bat!

We submit it all for the consideration of the psychoanalysts, amateur and professional alike at the podcast below…