Conservative Confusion and the Pathway to Hell

Join us for the conservative talk show others look to for guidance on just how far to push it…

Download the podcast and you’ll hear how John Boener has purchased what we can only hope is his own personal version of Napoleon’s Elba, and how Ted Nugent has fallen, and how Howard Stern may be rising as some sort of “conservative” something or other…

We also cover Barry Ho’s appointment of a “Friend of Hamas” to his National Security Council, and his establishment of another redundant government program designed to perpetuate cronyism to heights unimaginable just a few short years ago.

We examine England’s “Liverpool Care Pathway” in light of the fight for fetal personhood, Planned Parenthood, thew wholesale slaughter of minorities in New York City, and reason number 798 to keep (or get) your kids out of the government schools.

RE-publican governor Jan Brewer doesn’t know if she can sign into law a bill protecting religious liberty, while the right reverend archbishop Desmond Tutu insists that the great sin of our time is the Ugandan government standing up against the homosexual destruction of their families.

And then there’s the boy in Texas who became a girl so he could then become a lesbian and marry a girl, and a litany of phony hate crimes ginned up in the tradition of Hitler’s Reich stag fire by the homosexual brown-shirts that made fact of fiction in the ongoing effort to destroy the foundations of civilization.

It’s gone so far that NBC actually reported on a normal married athlete, with a child as living an “alternative lifestyle“!

Finally we’ll tell you about a pastor from the “sad religion file” who apparently built a deadly theology on a misunderstanding about snakes in the Bible!

It’s all right here in the podcast…