Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: A Decisive Period

While a wholly fictional “hip” teen called Maria, (and funded by Massachusetts tax dollars) tells girls that killing your baby is “easier than it sounds”, we here at the Worldview point out that losing the civilization built by every generation up to the baby boomers is easier than you might think as well.

The deviants poured out of the closet and splashed all across the news wires this week, whether deviant psycho-babblers injecting confused kids with hormones in the former Great Britain, a homosexual judge ruling on his own potential marital status, TSA molesters, transgendered pee watchers, or unwise politicians who want women to be more comfortable in combat; all signs are pointing to an inglorious period of decline unless you and I follow the advice of our Creator and do something about it!

The world is erupting in an orgy of chaos and uncertainty, so naturally the “un” finds it necessary to extract and animate a “9-11 state” from the territory of Israel. And all the while the CIA is focused on more environmentally friendly ways to be completely oblivious

And the state of domestic tranquility is no better. A 15 year old dies at the hands of his fornicating girlfriend. Another father kills his family and himself. A 15 year old molests and drowns a 4 year only to be threatened with California ‘s “catch and release” program for murderers, child predators and the like. And in Michigan Jeffrey Fieger contemplates rehabilitating Detroit via pot and prostitutes.

While Physicists search for the “anything but God” particle and politicians warn us that we must increase the debt in order to reduce it, the Chinese continue to oppress the worship of anyone other than them. But Glenn Beck stands ready with flawed theology and a hopelessly hokey Mormon/12 step religion to come to the rescue!

And then, not to be outdone the confused pope warns his followers against both evolution and creationism, while insisting the two positions can exist in relative harmony.

Well, we are not confused! And we hope you will join us in not only observing the insanity (and laughing at it occasionally), but also in formulating and alternative to be made available to the heathens, the pagans, the freaks and the genuinely confused before they hurt themselves and us… the Christians with all the answers.