Conservative Talk – TheWeekly Worldview: God’ll Sort ’em Out

Looking back on a week dominated by out of control, unruly children, (and we’re not just talking about congress); you’ll be stunned to hear just how far  justice, government education and parenthood have fallen. And that’s just here in the States. We also go round the world to reveal how Islam is giving secular humanism a run for it’s money in the race to claim most credit for the destruction of all that is good.

Meanwhile the North African campaign grinds on without mercy, (or apology)! But the Libyan rebels appear to be quite conscious of how the situation might affect the western powers most important allies, the gay and transgendered communities.

And while the war rages on non-nonsensically, American schools prove ignorant of even the most basic elements of common sense, (and American prosecutors give another pass to pedophilia)! We wonder if GKQuaddafi would tolerate such dangerous stupidity among his bureaucracy…

And an alleged “living god” in India is succumbing to gravity, even as mad scientists continue to pursue a method by which old sick people can consume innocent young healthy people in their pursuit of secular humanism.

And where was Barry Ho from Sept. 1981 to Sept. 1982? Our guess is that he was not fighting the Soviets alongside the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, but exactly how long was he in Pakistan? and who were those “friends” he was visiting?

And with all this going on, the former Great Britain still manages to seriously study bovine diets and their  related flatulence, porcine politicians in New York have set about banning Happy Meals, and Jimmy Carter (despite his alleged christian faith), has perhaps stopped beating his wife.

All this and more at the podcast below…