Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: A World Gone Mad

This week find’s the Web’s most conservative talk show examining the banning of the name “Jesus Christ” from texting networks in one of the foremost lands of the Religion of Peace, (and our “ally” in the war on “terror”) Pakistan. Not to be outdone, atheists and agnostics in the US Military are demanding official recognition of their “belief” system, (even though they admit that it has no “lasting purpose”). And to add insult to injury, the US Military has acquiesced to a request by the aforementioned, self described worthless ones that a cross be removed from a chapel in Afghanistan, as if to put an exclamation point on the American policy of completely eradication Christianity from Afghanistan.

And a mother in Australia is considering legal action after doctors assigned to kill her unhealthy twin in-utero, accidentally killed the healthy child instead, leading then to the death of the baby they’d intended to kill… We recommend Spiritual action, not legal action. And as an abortion clinic in Santa Fe New Mexico prepares to close it’s doors, pro-life industry leaders tell us “we’re winning”! But your humble conservative talk show host warns that as long as our leadership insists we must tolerate and regulate child killing, it’s the abortion pill that’s winning. Only legal Personhood will lead to the victory of life over the culture of death!

And while religious leaders like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops bemoan the erosion of religion, (while insisting on tolerance for baby killers and child molesters), the nation was again this week awash in violence and bloodshed as a four year old recounts how “daddy shot mommy with a gun, bang, bang”, the city of brotherly love copes with highway banditos, a 13 yr old rapes a 5 yr old at a McDonald’s PlayPlace, a drunk driver thumbs his big red nose at the just-a-system, one murder suspect walks free on a clerical error, and another actual murderer rips the liberal Oregon governor for transferring his pending execution onto the unsuspecting citizenry.

A self described prayer warrior has called on Barry Ho to emulate Tim Tebow, thinking God might just bless Barry, if Barry would only give Him praise… Meanwhile Barry’s inept, (and Godless) leadership has led to thousands of missing missiles in Libya, a credible threat of nuclear and conventional force from Iran, the rape of reporters in Cairo, and a return to that old favorite Moslem refrain, (from the hand of Muhammed himself), “one day, we will kill all the Jews”.

And all this while Nancy Pelosi accuses “60 Minutes” of a “right wing smear” for merely pointing out her corruption and thievery, and even Rush Limbaugh is cowed by the homosexual mafia. Find out where the world is going and why at the link below…