Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Irrational Things

As your favorite conservative talk show on the Internet looks back on a week that included the possibility of Barry Ho’s very own version of Jimmy Carter’s hostage crisis, the Moslem Brotherhood’s election victory in Egypt, the bombing of Iran’s nuclear site, (complete with a message to the twelfth Imam), and Pakistani/American relations at the breaking point, (and put there quite possibly by the devious and wily enemy Taliban); one might wonder why the Barry HO administration would restrict press inquiries as to plans to deal with the real “Arab Spring”… a nuclear armed Iran by March.

Well, it could be that Barry is just busy gearing up for the NBA season, or perhaps his vacation planning takes precedence over foreign policy this time of year. Or maybe there are simply too many crises evolving far too quickly for Barry and the leftist Junta who put him in power to craft sufficiently cogent responses to any serious inquiry regarding national security.

Meanwhile American higher education continues to be exposed as a fount of all things wicked and corrupt, with Penn State, Syracuse and the University of Utah representing just the “tip of the iceberg”. We can only hope parents can avoid a collision by turning to the eminently sane, (if not yet mainstream) practice of home-schooling their children!

This week you’ll also find a review of opinions, (whether confused, for, or against baby killing), and events (ignored by most conservative talk show hosts) surrounding the Personhood vote in Mississippi, and an update on the movement that may be all that stands between us and the barbarians.

And speaking of barbarians, what other conservative talk show brings you all of the above, and a woman charged with self abortion in NYC, union members conjuring the power of Satan against a city manager, a dumpster diving professor, (hey, at least he doesn’t molest boys), a mom beaten and stomped over a glass of Kool-Aid, the Smithsonian Institutions plans to display the feces of Occupy Wall Streeters, and finally, before all hope is lost, an old man with a conscience reminding us all that God has reserved for Himself a People for such a time as this!

Enjoy the show,