Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Bully Pulpit

While Western Civilization is losing the King James Bible and any sense of mercy, Democrat operatives are alternately stalking children and undeserved political office. And geezing RE-publicans like Alan Simpson, (who’ve participated for a generation in the robbing blind of their kids and grand-kids) now face the unpleasant task of telling the folks they both stole from and promised largess that they’re just a greedy generation.

And in New Jersey homosexual advocates disguised as anti-bullying crusaders are actually just cruising for teens. And while North Korean madmen and Mohammedan bombers stalk us all, the big news from military quarters this week is that no homosexuals have been discharged in the month since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” became apparent to all.

Jimmy Carter wants to reward artillery with peace talks, while mad scientists continue to advise sick people to kill and eat children in order to feel better. Wi-Fi maybe killing trees, and Cholera is surely killing thousands in Haiti. The Bear and the Tiger dissed the dollar while the Irish capitulated. And Willie Nelson did his part to save jobs in Texas.

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