Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Earth Shaking

Real men thank atheists! Especially those funding the billboard campaign promoting reason over blind faith! There are few things we here at the Worldview appreciate more than giving the heathen a bit of (Ray) Comfort and making ignorant people think, especially during this festive Christmas season!

But for the moment the ignorant rule the earth and the fruits of their rule are bitter indeed… in Toronto with crossbow, in Virginia from the 6th floor, in a Charleston closet, in a Florida middle school, on the streets of Las Vegas, in a town brought to you by Disney, in Charlie Manson’s cell, and finally in the bathroom of a Baptist Church in Texas. The Atheists insist God was not there, but He was. And he will make every eye to see and every tongue confess in the day He judges all things….

In the same week the actions of a disaffected homosexual soldier shake the foundations of diplomacy and military intelligence, the pentagon releases a “report” insisting that gays in the military are just a-ok! Are we the only ones to note this odd coincidence? Apparently we are, and that’s why you listen!

Meanwhile, our nation-building contractors in Afghanistan are entertaining themselves with time honored moslem homo-erotic dance parties, Google is mis-directing information, an ACLU ringer is set to legalize homosexual marriage in California, a killer is being denied his best opportunity at reform, a man freed by the “innocence” project pleads guilty to murder, Barry Ho fiddles while Mt. Carmel burns and Hillary Clinton plans to pick up on her work to destroy the family rather than running for office.

But all this doesn’t leave us shaken. Only more determined than ever to tell you the Truth without apology, (but with humor where we can find it). Enjoy!

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