Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: Fish Heads and Rice

As you can see by the title, this week’s show may not go down too well. But it may sustain you through the week..

While deftly avoiding talk of health care reform, (the fix is in, the deal is done, the die is cast and all that)… your humble host delves into many of the stories that the med stream media avoids. Some for obvious reasons, (memo to Anderson Cooper), but most just can’t compete with sheer prurience of the Tiger Woods saga.

And we know that some women’s sins will precede them to judgment, while others, (less infamous than say, Barbara Boxer), will come to light on judgment day, (or as in the case of the bureaucrats who determine the  pay grade of federal employees, in the USA Today). And then there are the sins of omission by the likes of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose election proves once and for all that the ascendancy of the stupid is complete!

Meanwhile the collapse of domestic tranquility spread from Cherry Point all the way to Tokyo, with blood drenched stops in Austin, San Diego, Youngstown, Quincy, DC, Woodbridge, Madison, and Cushing, Oklahoma. The odd thing is, that while an epidemic of murder continues to engulf the nation, Barry Ho and his minions focus the full faith and credibility of the US government on so-called bad breath!

And secessionists in Texas were rocked last week when they were faced with the problematic issue of how to instigate the secession of Houston…. from Texas, while maintaining their own admirable effort to save the state. And Texas might be the only place left to run, (Houston aside for the moment) from the perverts, the killers and the mullahs.

So I can’t predict whether we’re in the last days of Rome, or the dawn of a new age, or up against the tipping point at the rim of hell, but I can assure you we’re in for interesting times. Here about it… whatever it is, on the broadcast link below.

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