America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host just in time to ward off the winter doldrums.

Discover geriatric care for prisoners of the criminal justice industry, and how our governing officials plan to manage the flow of violent crime to the tune of about $70 million!

We’ll check in on the homeless being abused by the nice people of Austin, TX, the New York Department of Education’s latest child molester, and Iranian agitator who may have read “Rules for Radicals” at the White House with Barry HO!

Come to Texas where a man shot a barber over apparent dislike of the haircut received by his son, to England where a Chinese Slave’s desperate note was discovered by a schoolgirl, and then back to China where preaching the Gospel is considered “subversion of state power“.

We’ll tell you about one hostile chicken, one rooster who was downright fatal!

In Japan they hung a murderer. But in Florida, Boston & Chicago it was murder-suicide.

Find out if Fedex drivers carry guns, if the Glaciers in Montana are gone yet, and if we’ve already discovered aliens, (but we just can’t see them).

We’ll tell you of a preacher who killed 20 people with bad Bible teaching, juxtaposed to a tale of a fellow who returned the 40 grand he found stuffed in a couch!

And then there are the plagues of locusts, cockfights, neighbors, horse trailers and other sundry items you might like. All at the podcast below.




Authority, The Word, & the Era of the Celebrity Presidents

Join America’s fastest steaming podcast as the nations most attractive audio engineer and her host talk religion, politics & even a bit of football!

After experiencing a roller coaster of emotions surrounding the death of 2 parakeets in the care of the bird whisperer, you host and his extremely attractive engineer bring you the latest in suicide fantasies from Europe, the euthanasia roller coaster!

We then move along to hear how Donald Trump plans to bamboozle the evangelicals of Iowa, and how despite the world’s present condition of lies and deception, God hard wired his people to trust Him, (and each other)!

We cover the series of victories being enjoyed by the original Islamic State in Iran, including Barry’s $100B ransom, the release of criminals who have helped Iran skirt sanctions, & the capture and humiliation of American sailors DURING Barry’s State of the Union address!

We visit the halls of “higher” education and hear about administrators screening for victims by asking kids to describe in detail their sex lives, and then apologizing for it once the parents found out.

And on to Boulder Colorado where a man became a woman, then married a woman, and wonders why he’s weirding everyone around him out!

We have the Vatican honoring David Bowie after David went to Hell, Penn State asking students to report “micro-aggressions”, (which appear to be any statement that makes a sinner feel any shame whatsoever), and the “rape culture” on display in a park in Brooklyn.

Then there’s football news… from the failure of John Elway and Peyton Manning to match the excitement of Denver’s last encounter with Pittsburgh, to the impending darkness surrounding the appearance of the evil New England Patriots, & the Jets Antonio Cromartie’s joy at hearing he’s about to have twins!

Enjoy the podcast, and we’ll be back next week!