Conservative Talk- The Weekly Worldview: Flee the Plantation

Welcome back to the pulse of conservative talk on the web. Join your host Doug McBurney as he and the Weekly Worldview staff examine the news of the week through the lens of original thought.

This week, among other tasks we try to determine which is the greater threat to Christian civilization: is it Amerca’s government schools? Or mad Iranian mullahs? Well, you decide…

In Iran the mullahs have trumped up charges and are threatening to execute a Christian pastor. When the apostasy charge ostensibly caused American outrage, they conveniently introduced rape and extortion charges. All in an attempt to mis-direct the hapless west while continuing thier drive to drop the Islama-bomb on Tel Aviv. We pray both the pastor and Tel Aviv are spared…

Meanwhile, on the government school plantation conservative talk across the nation turned to a number of examples of the “gross” national product of the American education system. One student argued that it was her vampirism that led her to kill. And a Texas school suspended a heterosexual christian for saying homosexuality is wrong, (but the suspension was lifted in time for Friday evening’s kickoff). And the ACLU files suits to allow pornography to continue to flow into the classroom, while the Thomas More Law Center was mis-directed into defending the term “in God We Trust” be displayed alongside famous pagan litannies…

And then there’s the cross-dressing lunch lady, or lunch-man… we’re just not sure.

And while Barry Ho’s campaign fund raising is down, (if you don’t count Dept. of Energy loans that may find there way through the laundry into his campaign coffers) the threat to America and the west continues to build as the Arabs living in and around the Jewish state of Israel demand state-hood while refusing to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and Pakistani officials threaten to abandon the thin veneer of “friendship” they’ve cultivated in favor of outright support of Moslem terrorists.

All this while the Marines are out recruiting lesbians, and preparing for the day every other brand of deviant be allowed to give new meaning the “the few, The PROUD…. and all that.

So civilization’s fate lies with us, and the staff who bring you the best conservative talk online ponder the possibility that we’re too timid to preserve it.

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