Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: Innocence, Guilt, Stupidity & Sacrifice

Aliens among us…

It’s apparent that at least one in five people watch Fox News and believe that some humans are not what they appear to be. But it’s justice that seems alien to those leading the third world, and our America to the rim of hell. The teachers become fools and the killers get a pass to kill again.

Savage Sacrifice

While the Ass. Press reports of the horrors of human sacrifice among the jungle savages, the whole of western culture ignores a greater atrocity in a town near you. And has Putin eliminated a potentially embarrassing rival with the precision of a Hillary Clinton operation? We may never know, (until judgment day anyway).

Embarrassing Unseriousness

The US Navy banishes secondhand smoke while turning a blind eye to first hand buggery, Chuck Schumer fights against any vestiges of free market baggage that remain. And while Iran plans, China schemes and Russia schnookers, Bibi smells an ambush, and Karzai plays footsy with the Taliban, Barry Ho and his M.O. practice yet another form of idolotry. It’s enough to make one worry less about the embarrassment our leaders cause us, and more about World War III.

Bought and Paid For

How is it that a politician who calls himself a conservative while funding the killing of innocent children, instituting homosexual “marriage”, saying the Boy Scouts needs more queers, opposing tax cuts, and paying homosexual sex-ed for kindergarteners won a RE-publican straw poll this past week? Replace “won” with “purchased”, and you’ll have an insight into the Romney strategy to resurrect his conservative IMAGE for 2012.

But we can give thanks for Phil Mickelson’s eclipse of the tiger’s tale. Hear all that and more on this week’s show…

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