Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Something Dramatic

Militancy & Worship

As Resurrection Sunday drew to a close your host was dutifully keeping the pulse of conservative talk, analyzing the current condition of RE-publican favorites Mitt Romney & Sarah Palin in light of Barry Ho’s new found belligerence, especially against so called Christian Militias. While your host spent Easter morning with family and fellow believers worshiping the creator and judge of all the earth, Barry bowed his head before his Blackberry!

Bully for You

While products of the government schools send their children blindly into the meat grinder every day, the sounding of this and other corruption peals from sea to sea in headlines taken not from the festering cesspools of third world dictators, but from the formerly civilized west; from Westminster to Washington, from San Francisco to Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati to Los Angeles.

Defective Intelligence

The CIA claimed a coup this past week, but unfortunately it wasn’t actually in Iran, but only peripheral to it. And though some western nations are considering banning a terrorists favorite outfit, it remains to be seen whether or not we can become as brutal with Moslem killers as we have been with the weakest and most defenseless among our own.

He, She and It

With all of Hollywood and Washington watching, the former Chastity Bono completed her insanity and has been dubbed a “he” by no less than the Associated Press, (and there probably is no less). And Ricky Martin sought to resurrect his ailing pop career with the announcement, made he says for the good of his sons, that he’s a fag. While it may seem that the inmates are running the asylum, keep in mind that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is real, and that when He returns all of this will be made right! Get the whole story at the link below…

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