Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Joy of Life

With American air travelers  faced with the choice of a Chernobyl level x-ray blast or backhanded pat-downs by the likes of Janet “Jack” Napolitano or her equivalent, we at The Weekly Worldview do our best to provide a refuge to which one might flee in order to avoid making the choice. Because it’s all just so distasteful…

Ironically, at the same time Americas collective crotch was being manhandled by aspirants to the cultural position once held by Pee Wee Herman, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced a new round of funding to the Palestinian Authority as they were planning a museum to honor the mother of all body scanning pat downs, Yassir Arafat! And Obama’s minions were simultaneously planning to hunt down government waste at the Ritz! And then, just when we thought the whole world had gone insane, we hear Texas Governor Rick Perry lambast FDR, the New Deal and dub Social Security a bankrupt Ponzi scheme! And so we choose to soldier on…

But the fog has not cleared. Nancy Pelosi insists upon leading the Democrat party for two more years, and likely will do just that, (having, along with Gloria Steinem convinced manly girls and eviscerated males of her party that the real problem is the same one it’s always been…. men)! And in San Francisco infant circumcision is under attack, while perforating the rectal tract of the man you love is celebrated with vigor!

And now Sears has traded Thanksgiving for “door-busters”, Barry Scheck (and Jive) continues his assault on justice, Oklahoma rejects Sharia, but Judge Vicki says hold on just a minute. Perhaps she sees some redeeming quality in covering women in burlap and stoning them when they get out of line

And if all that wasn’t enough to shake your confidence in the burgeoning  atheocracy’s ability to govern, perhaps you hadn’t heard that that they want to promote the gory pictures on cigarettes produce, while banning the ones that that the baby killers produce.

If you want to know what’s happening and why, just light up this weeks podcast episode and don’t forget to inhale deeply!