Run for Your Lives!

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! Listen in as she and her host navigate another week that left many unsure, and the few more certain than ever.

You’ll find out why Sharia law in Iran allows for trannies on the football pitch, how American law produces an epidemic of sex assaults at school, and how the law of unintended (?) consequences left near half the Millennial Generation questioning the fact that the earth is round!

And while the Millennial’s professors have proven that the “Big Bang” does not exist, real science continues to push the boundaries of knowledge farther, and the book of Genesis closer.

You’ll hear from double talking lawyers on fetal Personhood, Bob Dylan refuting accusations of his Christianity, California’s Supreme Court on the mandatory collection of DNA, and the cop on the street using a high tech dragnet to I.D. the bad guys in real time!

Hear how the insurance policy our founders wrote insuring the Domestic Tranquility should be rewritten. How killer robots will not kill us all, (but might just kill the wrong people), and who should advise the heathen children designing them.

And ponder with us how one Saudi Prince‘s conversion could change everything!

All that and Bantam condominiums this week at the podcast below…



Disaster in the Air

Give a listen to America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they analyze one disaster after another, (but also things quite orderly by design).

Hear about the disaster that is government education with reasons number 1,102 & 1,103 to get (or keep) your kids out of the government schools: quizzes on sexual orientation & teachers (often a pile of deviant homos) afraid to document educational achievement.

We’ll tell you of an example of why God insisted there be a death penalty, (especially for child molesters), and how the Supreme Court plans to deal with Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop for his refusal to bow and endorse the “marriage” a revolting pair of homos.

Even Courtney Love knew Harvey Weinstein was a creep, (and it wasn’t because he donated $100K to the child killers Planned Parenthood.

Trumps HHS states that ‘life begins at conception”… but only during a “draft” exercise of bureaucratic  mendacity. Not in actual recognition of the Personhood of the most innocent and helpless among us. No. Not for real…

Author Dan Brown seems to be capitalizing on all the loneliness that seems to be going around and insisting that somehow a new “collective consciousness” will replace God, (after using His name to promote his book of course.

And it’s tax time at the McBurney compound. Listen in to hear why so many people should be thankful for our service, and how the tax free days of Internet purchases are numbered.

We celebrate the imminent military defeat of ISIS, but pause at the possibility of WWIII with North Korea, an EMP attack, and the possibility of an “antibiotic resistance apocalypse!

But then we’re reminded of the Glory of the Eternal and Living God by of all things…Slime Molds!

Tune in! You’ll be glad you did.


Domestic Tranquility

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer serves up slices of musical interlude amongst the slabs of truth, offense, and even a bit of fun… You’ll hear the real Machiavellian reason behind traffic in Manhattan, how the roughnecks and wildcatters … Continue reading