Conservative Talk: The weekly Worldview-Measures of Devotion

The Podcast brings you even closer to the edge this week! Hear all about how the homeless are forced to dumpster dive by cruel capitalist restaurateurs  who value a vomit and urine free lobby over sensitivity toward the less fortunate dregs in our midst, Jaguar hates straights, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” goes conservative, Facebook users through the looking glass, zombies and video games and an escape from the (prescription) drug addicts, China’s figuring out Margaret Sanger, Beck and Palin campaign together, (but unlike the Obamas, they keep their wedding rings on), the wars at home and abroad converge, peaceful Moslems riot and kill while peaceful Christians keep their distance, Castro’s confused (& lucid), executions languish, and McBurney says tell it to the Marines!

Give a listen.

Download the latest Conservative Talk HERE. Titled: Measures of Devotion MP3