Conservative Talk: The Weekly Worldview – Kiss and a Promise

While the only thing more painful than listening to music by ’70s rock band Kiss is being hit in the face with a cat… the only thing more unbelievable than the FBI’s recent report on the precipitous drop in the American crime rate would be that Charlie Rangle won his primary apart from New York’s voting machine snafu.

And this week George Michael, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton provide an interesting moral juxtaposition to the good people of Montana in regards to the age old question regarding steers and queers. Meanwhile Colbert and Stewart honor Glenn Beck, Obama drops the Creator from America’s Declaration of Independance, and Raul Castro comes late to communisms funeral.

This week we nominate Phyllis Schlafly to the retirement hall of fame, Florida Governor Charlie Crist to Stonewall Memorial Commitee, and the American justice system to the pantheon of chief culprits in the epidemic of shootings, matricides, rapes, stabbings, more shootings, and murder suicides.

All this while the religion of peace vows to kill anyone who threatens a debate, and the battle of the guitar heros is overshadowed by a drunken lout with a banjo.

And we really do have some good guitars this week, (Roy Clark and Ace Frehley aside). So give a listen…

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