Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Not About Abortion

An “abortion” is what a pilot does when upon takeoff he realizes his plane is not airworthy. “Child killing” is what Democrats and Planned Parenthood promote. Let’s not allow them to control the terms of the debate. It’s not about “abortion”, it’s about “child killing”.

The breakup of liberal political icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver was emblematic of the state of affairs we come to this week. But it’s not just liberal marriages that are on the rocks…

San Francisco is following up their attempt to ban circumcision with circumciusions natural ally, Yellow Pages publishers!

And in New Zealand, (and probably New Jersey and New Mexico) government school counselors are providing child killing services to sluts without the knowledge of their hapless & willfully ignorant parents.

And in Texas, school administrators find new and interesting ways to provide patronage jobs to those unfit for the private job market while allegedly tackling the ironic problem of childhood obesity among the alleged poor.

Barry Ho has reiterated his intention to increase domestic oil and gas, (first announce with great fanfare in 2010) and in return he expects the greedy corporations he and his minions demonize daily to step up and “bet on American workers”. But Barry, it’s not the workers who are skewing the odds against an economic recovery…

And Mitch Daniels has completed the first critical step in any RE-publican presidential campaign… first, bamboozle the Christians. And he’s done it with a “tough” abortion law that permits abortion on demand, and regulates the murder of innocent people under color of law and under the direction of Amerca’s next “great conservative” leader, (alleged that is…)

The head of the IMF and French presidential hopeful Dominique something or other was beat up by a girl this weekend. The girl is a hotel maid he was allegedly trying to rape (in his capacity as a champion of the world’s downtrodden).

Michael Moore plunged into the oblivion of “Current TV” with fellow travelers Keith Olberman, Richard Lewis, Ken Burns, and anoth guy who’s name we can’t recall… And normal Amercans chased a flag burning hippie off the campus of LSU, but don’t get to excited, Chas Bono is out to get Brangelina’s 4 year old girl.

Meanwhile in Texas, Dallas is logging one murder per day this lovely spring month, in Islamisbad Pakistan politicians are upset we snuck past their crack military to kill or capture Obama, (I mean Osama), and Joe Biden is leaking as usual, (and we don’t just mean his “Depends”).

And while the end may not come on May 21, 2011, we don’t discount the possibility of an earthquake, (financial or literal). And we pray that the world is not led into iniquity by George Soros and his minions on the borders of Israel.