Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Prepare to March

The fastest growing conservative talk show on the Internet brings you a fast paced and often hilarious review of the news of the week.

This week we analyze the state of the Just-a-System from Fresno to Virginia, from Sacramento to Dearborn, and from Indonesia to Philly. All in search of confirmation that indeed murder has fallen off the top fifteen causes of death in America, (with Indonesia thrown in for cultural diversity and all)…

And while Microsoft may be developing and App to keep you out of the ghetto, there’s simply no escaping the drums of war as Saudi Arabia flirts with the atom, China’s brutal and hollow culture begins showing more cracks, Barry Ho offers secret “peace” talks to the mad mullahs in Iran, Islamists take over Egypt, and the Mufti of Palestine reiterates his desire to kill Jews.

But be not dismayed my friends! Where other conservative talk shows are found wanting, we offer the hope of the Personhood Movement rolling like a juggernaut toward victory in twelve states, (so far) this election cycle!

We cover the “Preppers” & the “Birthers” with aplomb, but we leave aside the “truthers”.

Find out why Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple is all in knot, the possible reason Willard “Mitt” Romney is uncomfortable releasing his taxes, how there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and how Barry Ho has chosen cow dung over petroleum.

Enjoy the podcast my friends!