Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: What We’ve Become

While the Nation of Islam is scanning the heavens for the Mother Plane, and border guards in Texas are scanning the earth for Al-Qaeda, we here at The Weekly Worldview are scanning the headlines for something to blunt the pain of realizing the awful truth: that the America over which George Washington prayed blessing on our progeny is no more… replaced instead by a generation of the self indulgent, greedy, self centered narcissists, who seem more concerned with their stuff than with their progeny.

The Libyan “man on the street” equates Muammar GKQuadaafi with “the Jews” as he throws a Molotov Cocktail through government windows, and the SEIU members in America seek to bind themselves to the spirit of the revolution. (Forgive us if we have a hard time equating the suffering 40 years of brutal dictatorship with a 6% increase in health insurance premiums), but leave it to the union bosses to say just that with a straight face! And if you don’t buy in, maybe SEIU and their ilk will give you a little taste of what GKQuadaffi’s subjects got…

Meanwhile in Philly they’re shutting down fire-houses to save money set aside for the all important patronage jobs that make municipal government work for the people, (those who survive the fires anyway). And the Grande Dame of such degenerates herself, Nancy Pelosi has been appropriately aggrandized by herself, her daughter and the illigitimae at the DNC, while Michigan, Rhode Island, Wal-Mart and the US housing market sink in her pungent wake.

Our collective Chinese Landlords have found out that holding the bonds means holding all the cards when it comes to Taiwan and other concerns, ChristChurch is devastated, the inflation monster we were warned about has finally emerged from his lair, and the leader of the free world chooses to listen to some MoTown, appoint a fag to make all the party arrangements, abandon heterosexual marriage, and teach our fighting men how to kiss while ducking Al-Qaeda fire!

And in Virginia the abortion regulators are at it again, seeking to clean up the image of the baby killing industry, while simultaneously preserving its legality, (you say you’re pro-what)? But in New York the group “Life Always” has put a fine point on the truth of the genocide committed against black people in America by white elitists. And for that their message has been pulled from Billboards, (while ads for 2 1/2 men can be seek prominently displayed).

And did you hear that Oprah has borne a calf? or that California dope dealers aren’t paying their fair share? Or that Eliot Spitzer may transmit a variety of venereal diseases directly through your cable box? Well, it’s all here, (and most of it is even true)! It’s up to you to discern