Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: The Big Stink

If you hate Mickey Mouse business dealings as much as we do, you’ll want to hear our theory on opening a pizza joint in heaven, (or on earth) in the hereafter. And if you don’t believe in the afterlife, well, you just won’t get any pie!

The hippies and freaks were stinking it up from Madison to San Francisco last week. Join us for all the conservative talk on the podcast for a forecast of when the stench will clear out. And have you heard that there’s a movement afoot to ban Sharia in America? Oh for the days when the average American heard the term “Sharia” and mistook it for a Motown girl group from the ’60’s…

Meanwhile video has surfaced suggesting that followers of Sharia, (and our “allies” in the long war against radical Islamists) in Pakistan are effectively schooling their children the finer points of cinematography and suicide bombing, as the last Christian standing in the Pakistan government was assassinated by the tolerant peace loving Sharia adherents in the capital city of Islam-is-bad.

In Science news we’ve got a New York professor and Nobel Laureate attempting to explain Darwinian original sin. And NASA is trying to convince us they’ve found evidence that life came to earth from outer space, even while there latest global warming satellite crashes harmlessly into the cold, cold sea. But worry about global warming was mitigated a bit this past week as National Geographic reminded us that a regional nuclear conflict, (like the one the Obama administration is working on in Iran) will slow down all that scary warming.

And just in case Iran can’t help us with our global warming problem China in increasing military spending by double digits again this year in case they have to get the job done! And it’s curtains for the Chevy Volt. The market has spoken, or perhaps more accurately they’ve yawned and decided on a new Dodge Challenger instead!

And the state of justice and domestic tranquility continue to follow their inexorable slouch toward Gomorrah; from Vinny Gorgeous to MS-13, to the Army and open homosexual traitor Bradley Manning, to an unnecessary confession securing an unholy plea deal, to “life”  for a man who kidnapped and tortured a child , to a teenage L.A. dad who butchered his son before committing suicide by cop, to picturesque Burlington Colorado where a 12 year old home schooled boy has rained death and destruction upon his family and the heartland. The beast is feeding indeed…

While Mike Huckabee rightly points out the sad state of marriage and child rearing in America, the eastern elites are going co-ed, homo, tranny ROTC if you can figure that one out! And as the WW I generation passes from the scene, and America is losing sleep, your humble host soldiers on to bring you what you need to know for this week and the next!