Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Wise Resistance

We went a bit long with the podcast this week. about 45 minutes long. So here’s a truncated blog to make up for it…

You won’t believe your ears as we plumb the depths of musicology & Miley Cyrus‘ low, we buck up Chick-Fil-A, cringe at Joel Osteen & Piers Morgan, and ponder the pot holes in Berkeley. There’s vampires, virtual teenagers, wasted years, choking teachers, Detroit government schools, babies in toilets, abortion mill filth, Methotrexate, Guttmacher by the numbers, Wally & Betty & a burglar, an $18 beating, North Dakota Personhood & murder, killing mouthy teens, a french fry shooting, a mom stabbed over chores, Life with a meat cleaver, murder on voice-mail, a killer who keeps his promise, South Korea kills pirates, Clap off, the Moslem Brotherhood, Obama’s favorite Moslems, Moslem Copt Killers, a rape victim executed, Imams in the trunk, a suicide bombers Happy New Year, hard working Mexicans, atheist whiners, Obama’s prayer life, death by hickey, and a snort of plain stupidity.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it. Grab the podcast below and get on with the week. We’ve all got a lot of work to do!