Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Dark Ironies

Normal people are oppressed by “toilet apartheid” as homosexuals appropriate every crapper at Carnival in Rio.

And one of English’s most blunt and descriptive terms, “faggot” has fallen upon Dire Straits, (as has classic American literature in general). We find it odd that homosexual advocates fear the word “faggot” more than AIDS, heroin addiction and syphilis, but who can figure how self centered, deviant perverts will delude themselves and the children they corrupt…

Meanwhile, heterosexual deviants are not to be outdone! Ninety girls have turned up pregnant in one Memphis high school, while one New York Government school administrator calls for birth control and even killing some of the children for the sake of saving space.

American Courts have ruled that TV is just not filthy enough, and the NY Time is spying on Israel and America.

China offers advice to Secretary Gates on aircraft carriers, ballistic missiles and stealth fighters, but leaves off guidance on military sodomy.

And Tunisia has gone from the frying pan into the fire while America’s schizophrenic state department condemns one traitor and celebrates another.

Child molester’s have been given GPS and told to stay out of  “exclusion zones”, (how ’bout “earth“). And the epidemic of homicide, (fetal and otherwise) continues in Vegas, Virginia and Michigan.

And in the darkest irony of all, America weeps for 9 year old Christine Taylor Green, killed by Jared Loughner while standing next to a congresswoman who, early in her political career, advocated that Christine Green herself could be murdered. Gabrielle Giffords then commenced to build her political career on a foundation of legalized murder. And Giffords lives, thank God…

May God have mercy!

And Finally F. Lee Bailey has established O.J. Simpson’s innocence in his own mind and in a scatterbrained article likely to become a book, (but ain’t nobody buyin’ it). That is, the line that O.J.’s innocent, the book will likely make the Times List… But give a listen to the podcast and feel free to discuss it during the week.