Conservative Talk-TheWeekly Worldview: Alleged

Medical Marijuana seems to be the latest religion to take hold in the western world and it’s become a freak show from Colorado all the way to (the formerly great) Britain. But no less freakish is Oprah Winfrey’s “god” complex. Hear your humble host analyze this!

Cal Thomas hits all around the bulls eye in his Personhood column, but seems to have missed the existence of the Personhood Movement. Perhaps Mr. Thomas, like so many is waiting to see what this movement is made of…

Domestic Tranquility is shattered again from New York to Mass., from Salt Lake to Florida, and in Southern California. All under the nose of governing officials too busy with other endeavors to secure the peace here at home.

Meanwhile Osama bin Laden is alleged to be speaking again, and this time he’s ranting about Balestine (sic) and Al Gore’s fantasy life. But unless he’s been raised from the dead, we doubt the whole account around here.

And speaking of anthropogenic global climate change, why is it that sloppy “research”, lies and disregarding the law can be gotten away with by the egg heads at East Anglia? Is it because of the statute of limitations, or is that lying, not unlike stealing is no longer recognized as a crime worth prosecuting? And in this modern age even the prosecuted ones keep their high speed access and Facebook “friends”!

And all this while world leaders are at various intervals sacrificing goats for superstition, threatening culinary tradition, calling for the destruction of neighboring states, calling for the destruction of the military, marriage… and again their neighbors. But at least one Muscovite’s got it right!

And then there’s the ever racist Chris Matthews juxtaposed with Bibi Netanyahu. One reminds us why right wingers are repulsed by racist drunks, while the other makes the wicked hate the Truth even more.

This week we’ve got it all folks. Join in at the link below, but be warned! The Weekly Worldview is strong medicine!

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