Deader Than Elvis

Denver (d’AP) Doug McBurney takes the news of the week and focuses it through the lens of Original Thought. The Weekly Worldview is the place where we will hear a clear impression of the stories that are too deep for Rush, too wide for Sean Hannity, too tall for Hugh Hewitt, too fundamental for Michael Savage, and way too opaque for any of the others.

Is Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive?

… and does it really matter? And who is “terrorism” anyway, or was his name “terror” as in  the war on… It’s all very confusing up at State, but that’s how they like it. Beuraucrats hate to draw the line across which they might one day be pushed… into the private sector. Better to keep your mouth shut, or spout the company line whenever open.

Is modern evangelicalism Dead or Alive?

…and does it really matter? Forget Megadeth, it’s Megachurches or nothing for these kids today,…. or is it? What do you think you need to know about the bailout? Don’t look too closely, and don’t ask too many questions or you may decide to skip the preliminaries and move right to the gulag.

Now, the Marxists have taken over

the government from the socialists, and can you believe that to this day Ted Kennedy is worse than them both. And Huntsville Texas is the best place for criminals to retire. They’ll see that the Death Penalty works as half of them or more will be on our side when we all watch Ruth Bader Ginsberg bow on Judgment Day. Now that’s real justice!

A really fun test of missile defense, coming right up?

Could it be that Japan will return the favor of all those Toyotas we’ve imported, by proving that missile defence works in real time? It’ll be something to see, if the North Koreans can actually get the thing in the air that is…Embryonic stem cell researchers and those who excuse them will get what they deserve, and finally: how to avoid having your pastor shot, while securing an effective object lesson for your kids! It’s all there in the show link below. So go ahead, take the plunge. Download it now.

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