Principles And Conflict

Denver (d’AP) Shocking revelations as The Worldview examines what some comfortably call the “culture war”, and what others fight daily in the conflict for the soul and future of Western Civilization. See how Barry-HO & Pelosi fiddle while getting burned, while You-Tube provides the brilliant and the ignorant alike a light through which to view the horror show.

Will we one day see this question answered in a court of law:
When does life begin?

And by that we don’t mean the life of Riley pursued by our little legislative ceasars, but life uncorrupted by the muddled thinking of the likes of Bill Richardson. Real Life is happening every day, despite the best efforts of the cultural oligarchs planning the experiments, but it’s not like 1957 my friends…or even 1967;

Has anyone seen Axl Rose’s Manson T-shirt, forget the shirt, the guy’s still alive (Charles Manson, not Axl, though he may be alive as well)…Charlie don’t surf but he looks a lot like grandpa now, only less stressed out. It’s a war on embryos alright, and it’ll take more than a tea party to win this fight.

Cash is king,
but the innocents lost will judge without giving thought to the money at all.

But who are we to take up verbal arms…well if not us than who, and if not now….well, forget when, ’cause it’s already too late. It’s hard to muster an army when they’ve spent their energy on a tea party in the park. Have you heard Bubba Bill Jeff’s dis-information about the embryos he’d have chopped up before the experiments begin? Surely a doctor wouldn’t let him get by with that! But then again, we’re talking about the Scourge-in-General of the United States.

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