Explaining Reality

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they elucidate what is realty and why.

Hear about a teacher suspended for refusing to misgender kids with deviant pronouns, and the judge who reinstated him without reference to the criminal insanity of the pronouns!

Find out about the lessons the left in America may have taken away from the Tiananmen Square Massacre 32 years ago, when they were just beginning to rule over us. And we’ll also explain why the RE-publicans are every bit as criminally insane as the leftists, (but with less excuse).

We’ll check in with C.S. Lewis and other Christian thinkers to help everyone else better understand reality.

And then on to the sad reality that is the daily parade of repeat offenders, murder suicides, and other heinous killers brought to something other than justice by the American Just-a-System.

The hoodlums are threatening to collapse civilization by hacking and hostage taking, there are no good guys left in medical research when it comes to using the bodies of murdered people for experiments, and more studies show what anyone with a lick of common sense, (and 50 years of common knowledge about cold viruses)… that the lock-downs did more harm than good, and did not “slow the spread” of anything except liberty.

The Washington Post has Joined Miriam Webster at the Ministry of Truth, the British are taking revenge for our independence by a thousand little, (and some really big) hoaxes, and finally someone is suing everyone form HideEmbarrass on down over the bug-faced zombie masks at the airport!

All this and fear and loathing at the gift shop, leftist conformist rock and rollers, and hopefully a few laughs and more than a few thought provoking soliloques.