Finding Lost Sheep

I’m off to Gunnison in the morning. Not hunting bears or domesticated felines… just working. This week you’ll learn: why breaking the law really hurts; why cats in trees should stay there; why raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord shows…and makes heathens and Christians alike a bit uncomfortable. How understanding the Plot of the Bible clears up the details; Asians think transvestite shows in Thailand are “normal”; Michael Vick is not the worst person in the world; Nazis are hunting Barry Ho, (probably in hopes he’ll win their next straw poll); How welfare has destroyed Africa and how Hillary Clinton blithely continues the abuse; and finally, why we will never achieve Barry’s nor Bush the lesser’s goals in Afghanistan. Enjoy…be edified, and in some cases, be afraid, be very afraid… and I’ll be back next week, (if I survive the bears)!

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