How The Times Have Changed…

As Annie Lebovitz suffers the loss of her life’s work of semi-pornographic and distinctly humanist photographs, we home in on bigger issues…(but we poke fun at her as well). The Lutherans have determined they are  “big enough” to tolerate gay clergy, my only question is, do they still tolerate Christian clergy?

And in other news… shacking up can be dangerous for females and felines alike! And as The holiest of all holy months, the hallowed Ramadan approaches, it looks to be the end of one hot summer in more ways than one. Are your Ramadan decorations up yet? We’ve got our scimitar hanging over the entry way to greet any infidels that may stop by, and we’ve gotten our daughters their “girl power” burkhas, (available at K-Mart’s across the Detroit metro area). Uh-oh, was someone poking fun at Islam? Be careful…you know that the practitioners of the religion of peace and tolerance can get offended, and instead of challenging one to debate the eternal truths so sought after in the pursuit of religious enlightenment, they’ll pin a hastily scribbled note to your chest with a butcher knife!

And Phil Specter joins the ranks of those denied justice at the Corcoran Supermax out in California. If Barry Ho does institute “Death Panels” can I nominate Phil, (and the lot from this weeks “Domestic Tranquility File”). And of course I’d volunteer to serve on th panel as well. Far be it from anyone to accuse me of shirking my civic duty…

New Jersey, Detroit and the State of New York compete neck and neck for this weeks prize, a bumper sticker that reads:
“Where am I going, and why am I in this hand basket”? But leading the pack is Scotland, for the release of Lockerbie Bomber Ill-Muhammad Al Shabazz, Ali Megadeth… or something like that… Listen in. You will not be displeased.

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