Off Narrative

Wander off the beaten path of well worn media narratives with America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host.

Hear of a Yale professor celebrated for cheering on mass suicide, public school teachers teaching teenage girls dirty words, (and NOT being arrested), and the legacy of the  “COVID heart” deception.

We’ll look in on the hopeful revival at Asbury University in Kentucky with a hopeful and skeptical eye, while we ask law enforcement to keep an eye on the the doctors at the tranny clinic in St. Louis!

Cross -dresser and open sex pervert George Santos has ideas for limiting the sexualization of kids to areas outside of the public school classroom, And admiral Richard Levine dressed up as an ugly old lady and then demanded everyone take him seriously as he pontificated on grooming strategies, (and we do take him seriously, we call for his arrest)!

Nearly 40% of Americans told pollsters they would kill the weak after sorting them by intelligence, polite Canadians want to kill themselves and their children more and more these days, and a mom did what she was taught when a situation gets too overwhelming; she  grabbed her 5 year old son and jumped to her death at Niagara Falls, (the child survived).

Meanwhile, in Buffalo the state denied justice to the victims of the Tops supermarket massacre, while rewarding the killer with a life of relative ease. In Mississippi another mass murder was caused by sexual immorality, and in just up the road in Memphis and over at far off Michigan State, motives for the latest killing sprees are no more specific than the overall culture of death.

All that plus good cops and a cold pig, the Space ALIENS waiting behind the deep state curtain, what lawyers do when they get hold of a weed whacker, and our take on the terrible disaster, and the accompanying narrative of the week in East Palestine, Ohio.