Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host keep on truckin’.

You’ll hear about a principle beaten unconscious by a girl at school, why we don’t care that first black woman was elected to anything, and how supply chain disruptions have descended into Mad Max territory.

Treasonous General Mike Milley has some idea about when China will move on Taiwan, Delusional Prince Charles is being outwitted by businessmen as he bloviates to save the planet, and the Inspector General of the Air Force expects us all to forget that the Hidembarrass administration lied when they blew up civilians in Kabul and called it “righteous”.

In New Jersey average truck driver Edward Durr upset the election cartel, (and the cartel is going to have to keep Democrat Steve Sweeney quiet about it).

Has anyone seen Gavin Newsom since he got his booster shot?

The Hidembarrass administration insists that firing thousands of truckers and others over vaxx mandates will have no negative impact on the supply chain, the MMA in Poland has separated the girls from the men, and in Texas Governor Greg Abbott is asking the perverts to get the perversion out of the schools!

Twix and Mars candy have endorsed the idea that the deviant must annihilate the normal, Ibram X. Kendi’s daughter has become the victim of her father‘s success, and America has christened and launched a Navy ship named after a homosexual city councilman, elected by Jim Jones’ cult, who’s military career ended under less than honorable circumstances.

And while the devil tends to overplay his hand , we admit that we tend to over-estimate the velocity of the catastrophe, as the election in Virginia shows…

All that plus a report from the Alaska Bureau, PSEV cars, kindergarten color mixing errors in the showroom, and cars that turn us off at the stoplight.


The Truth About Reality

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host face the truth together.

We salute Dan Bongino for resisting the tyrants in the so called conservative media, despite the risk of loss. We laugh out loud at New York governor Kathy “Hocum” Hochul’s assertion that Colin Powell was killed by the “unvaccinated”, and almost puke at the thought of Brian Orin Whitney, (who calls himself Dana ZZyym).

Even a drunken Irishman can tell the masks are now complete theater of the absurd. We salute Novak Djokovic for resisting the tyrants despite the risk of loss. And we laugh out loud again at the idea of a government Inspector General getting to the bottom of anything other than a rat hole.

Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak have been caught red handed lying to everyone, almost all the time, but survive by Fauching, (at least for the moment)…

Alec Baldwin is being sped down the greased pole to Hell by those applying the judicial double standard to his killing of Halyna Hutchins. We salute surgeon Jeffrey Horak, MD in Fergus Falls Minnesota for resisting the tyrants despite the risk of loss. And we jeer the cowardice of FDA Vaccine Advisory Panel member Michael Kurilla, who merely abstained, while the rest of the maniacal panel set in motion a potentially catastrophic experiment on millions of American children.

A Communist Chinese war movie about defeating America in the Korean War was top of the global box in October, rescue of the allies we abandoned in Afghanistan was at the bottom of the Hidembarrass Administration’s “to-do” list, and the godless, Marxist sex perverts who’ve seized the government are about to destroy the Marines!

The prop-in chief of the face-mask theater of the absurd used to be a fellow named Joe Biden. Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder committed a random act in a mindless system that might fall backwards into the truth about the deviant creeps Kyle Rittenhouse killed. And an afternoon at the mall these days might involve a mass shooting, (even in Idaho).

All that plus gunshots drowning out the failed mayor in St. Louis, Marine Corps Drill Instructors humbled by aircraft, casual observations of the institutionalized lawlessness in Portland, and Kevin VanStory’s view of hand-to hand combat’s place in the spiritual war.

All right here at the home of real conservative talk; The Weekly Worldview.




After the Undertow

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host shine a light into the darkness, and beyond.

Join us in booing Governor Kristi Noem for throwing away Columbus Day in favor of the divisive “Indigenous People’s Day.”

An Islamist Butchered David Amess, a British Minister of Parliament in a Christian church, another committed a mass murder in Norway with a bow and arrow, and the American government has very quietly acknowledged that Joe Biden is lying about striking an ISIS-K bomber during the fall of Kabul.

At least one federal judge thinks Supreme Court Precedence trumps the immune system. The Hidembarrass administration may complete the purge of the American military via a vaccine mandate. And Anthony Fauci and his wife are truly creepy, (and quite possibly the most corrupt couple in Washington DC).

Janet Yellen is allowed to lie in broad daylight about spying on our bank accounts, while scheming with other communists that all the world be taxed.

Barack Obama and George Soros have instructed uncle Joe Biden to start taking over private industry under the guise of “fixing” the supply chain hiccups, we mean crisis, beginning with the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Drug stores in San Francisco and New York can’t sell enough drugs to keep up with the shoplifters. Gavin Newsom wants to ban chainsaws, while mandating gender neutral toys.

Lt Colonel Scheller got a slap on the wrist instead of the crucible of a prison sentence that might have made him a more effective leader against the coup.

The American State Department apparently couldn’t care less about Christian hostages in Haiti. North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson knows filth when he sees it. And Donald Trump wants us all to let him say he saved 2 million lives, but we’re not letting him get by with it.