Standards Rising, Standards Falling

This week your conservative talk host’s extremely attractive audio engineer wraps delectable bits of bump around the chronicle of standards, and how the rising and the falling can save us all, or get us all killed…

We start at the end of the world, (or at least the end of love and marriage in Japan), and move on to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount which the secular world has declared Islamic, (and “Judenfrei” for over a millennium).

And as the Pagan High Priests of the World Order descended upon Paris for a pagan festival of weeping & mourning, (featuring terror partners and holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, and seeming to neglect one heroic act of a brave hostage), Barry Ho skipped the ceremony, and vowed, (in Sharia compliant language) to host any world leaders not already booked on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island on February 18, 2015 for an “insecurity summit” to work out: how to manage the flight of Jews from Europe, how not to call this current unpleasantness a religious war, how to discourage insensitivity to Islam, and quite possibly how to negotiate the terms of Europe’s surrender to the Caliphate.

Meanwhile Boko Haram rained it’s bloodiest day ever upon the innocents of Nigeria, while the Central African Republic was accused buy the UN of a “crime against humanity” for pushing the Calipha out of their borders. (While we remember that the UN voted tepid “condemnation” of Boko Haram’s “actions” back in May, 2014).

And as General David Patraeus’ adultery leaves him open to felony charges (by a government that, ironically is working to destroy biblical marriage), his fall is leading politicians and “conservative” talkers alike to lower the bar for what passes as conservatism these days.

Jeb Bush stepped up his effort to secure the final destruction of the REpublican party (building upon similar efforts by Mitt Romney). And the US Marines found themselves embarrassed to report to the schoolmarms of military social experimentation, that they simply couldn’t find a single girl to graduate out of the legendary Marine Infantry Officer Course.

And of course we continued to chronicle the ever declining standards of public education from 4th grade murder plots, to Playboy themed teenage birthday parties, and academic skills testing just above plant life being accepted by high schools & colleges across the nation.