The Russian Front

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host make sense of all that’s senseless, give direction to the rudderless, and heap scorn upon fools.

Let’s start with Edward Snowden, whom your host insists is a traitor and a capital criminal who should be exterminated with extreme prejudice! And then he gets to the Islamists…

The sex perverts at Charlie Hebdo have asked all the normal people NOT to pray for them, but instead are asking for more music and Champagne, (prompting your hosts reference to the Russian Front, and asking who to cheer for?) And for those of you who matriculated in the government schools, he meant the Russian Front of World War II

John Kerry offers some measure of legitimacy to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, but has not yet found equivocation for Friday the 13th in Paris. And in a video, a deluded Parisian father has a hard time convincing a 4 year old that they can fight ISIS with flowers.

We cover the growing evidence that the Islamo-nazis are indeed hiding among the refugees fleeing various African and Middle Eastern hell holes, including terrorists in Paris and 22 incidents right here in America.

Listen in and discover how it is lazy, lonely, pot addled, game heads can be turned into killers by ISIS’ vulgar, violent propaganda, how nearly 70 terrorists have been arrested here in America, and how Barry HO and his M.O. insist that all of us normal people are afraid of the “widows and orphans” he & his Girl Junta are rolling out across the country like a thousand Trojan Horses.

Then there are reasons 1007 – 1009 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, which variously involve 1st grade assaults, teacher sponsored nudity & sodomy classes for 5th graders!

And while Barry insists we must allow tens of thousands of nearly anonymous Moslem “refugees” to flood in from Africa & the Middle East, his administration is set to deport the Romeikes, a family of 10 Christian home-schoolers from America’s close ally Germany!

The insanity continues with the heathen’s answer to Thanksgiving… a mass “vasectomy-athon”.

We also look at the state of domestic tranquility in America through the eyes of a one year old crushed to death by a “stressed out” boyfriend; the state of human personhood through the eyes of Wendy Davis who, when she discovered that the daughter she loved was sick, killed her; the state of sanity in the Justice & Foster Care systems who aren’t sure if placing normal kids with sexually deviant foster parents is right or wrong; and the state of free speech in modern America as a man holding a perfectly legitimate sign is forcibly removed from a Hillary Clinton shrill fest!

Grab the podcast and enjoy! Until next week!