Conscience and the Unconscious

Tune in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine the insanity and elucidate the antidote.

We’ll check in with Los Angeles’ Director of Health Hysteria Barbara Ferrer, for her advice on scratching that itch, England’s version of Anthony Fauci for his advice on nudging the anti-social types into Green Suicide, And the Liquor Board in Virginia who had Gourmeltz owner Matt Strickland raided by the cops (right under the governor’s nose) because Matt’s standing against tyranny.

We thank Elon Musk for pulling back the curtain on Twitter and the Deep Left. We excoriate Duke University for denying Yulia Hicks a transplant due to their superstition, (if only she’d been gender dysphoric). And we suggest there has to be something more than mere threats done against the sex perverts coming for our children in broad daylight!

Here how the AP and the American College of Obstetrician’s and Gynecologists define, and redefine¬† murder, how a killer in Mississippi continues to humiliate all of us, (starting with the family of his victim Leesa Marie Gray), and how NBC News leads the way toward The Abolition of Man.

We’ll tell you how Vladimir Putin played the Deep State like a fiddle for pot-head lesbian Brittney Griner, and against Marine Paul Whelan, why we no longer give the criminally insane sex perverts running Germany the benefit of the doubt when it comes to accusations of “insurrection“, and how socialists in New Zealand kidnapped a child just to make sure his parents know who’s in charge when it comes to experimenting on their child.

China is beating us in the race to clean, safe, almost limitless nuclear power, Vanguard dipped a toe into the post ESG investment waters, Joseph Farrah is a wise and honest broker, and in Iran the cracks we hoped for in the regime last week were repaired by the cowards in the west who do not have the wisdom, nor the desire to exploit them,

All that plus investing for retirement in a post suicidal communist economy and the “Megaderth” surrounding the search for intelligent life out there.