Long Slide Into Darkness

America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps hers hosts accounts of the signposts along the road to hell with lively music to ease the pain of watching it all slip over the rim of Hell.

A pile of homos was embarrassed at Petco Field, (but not for what they should have been embarrassed about).

And our government schools produced reasons number 1053 (a veritable orgy in a toilet) and number 1054, (rape with a coat hanger) to get or keep your kids out of them!

Strip Clubs were advertising for high schoolers, “miss” trans-Israel was crowned in what was once called the Holy Land, RE-publicans walked out on a reading of God’s opinion of homosexuals, and Benjamin Harnwell gave a pertinent analysis of where this is all headed…

Britain has decided to look into whether or not Her Shariah Councils are compatible with the Magna Carta, Venezuela is adrift toward certain disaster, Canada’s illegitimate Prime Minister is encouraging his nation to commit suicide, And fake, phony, charlatan Donald Trump acts like he’s not sure where trannies should go to the bathroom…

Barack Obama expressed his regret that Truman did not slaughter another 3 million Japanese, and Cowboy Bob of the Question Evolution Project lifted the curtain on fake, phony, moron Carl Gallups and his promotion of apocalyptic dinners and America’s combed over Caesar.

And that’s just the news! We’ve also got food and security lines in Chicago, and a warning to keep your kids away from Evangelical Community Church youth groups.

Get it all, with musical accompaniment at the podcast below…